Dr. Rosalind Ali Callard

Helping People Develop Self Awareness, Emotional Perspective And Inner Strength

London, Cell: 519-432-1883

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Dr. Rosalind Ali Callard
Dr. Rosalind Ali Callard


The problems psychotherapy can help with

Needing help with feeling depressed, anxious or stressed-out.
(Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Social Anxiety, Panic)

Being described as having a ‘personality disorder’, or difficult to get along with.
(Narcissistic, Borderline, Dependent, Passive-Aggressive)

Having experienced psychological consequences of trauma, whether recently or long ago
(Trauma, PTSD)

Needing help with an eating disorder.
(Eating Disorder, Binge Eating, Compulsive Eating)

Needing help with a compulsive behavior or addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or spending.
(Addiction, Alcoholism, Gambling Addiction, Overspending)

Needing help managing the psychological impact of having a mood or anxiety disorder.
(BiPolar, Depressive)

Needing help with a relationship, such as communication problems, infidelity, abusive behavior, substance abuse.
(Couples Counselling, Marital, Relationship Breakdown, Divorce, Separation)

Feeling lonely or that your life has lost its meaning.
(Bereavement Loneliness Despair)

Needing to deal with an unusual event in your life, when it might be helpful to talk with a sympathetic, objective outsider.
(Job loss, Retirement, Loss of a parent or sibling, Moving)

The issues I typically do NOT work with are:

Issues which require third-party payers to solicit or approve psychological assessment or counseling, for example:

  • The psychological consequences of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.
  • The psychological consequences of being harassed or bullied in the workplace.
  • Applications for long-term disability.

There are psychologists who make it part of their practice to negotiate the paperwork involved in dealing with insurance companies. You may wish to consult the London Regional Psychological Association website to find one. http://www.lrpa.ca/services/directory_practitioners.html
(Occasionally, a client who is already consulting me may need these services, I which case I will be happy to oblige. The fee charged to the insurance company is at a rate of $200 per hour.)

I generally only work with people over the age of 18.

To make an appointment, please phone or text 519-432-1883, email me rosalind.callard@gmail.com.

Dr. Rosalind Ali Callard